Where in the World Would You LOVE To Live?

Just a quick thought – or question. If you could live anywhere in the world that you want, where would it be? If and WHEN you design YOUR Awesome Lifestyle – exactly where would you want to leave?

Oh, the possibilities and choices are endless! Some people may choose a tropical island while others prefer the bustling city bustle of New York City. Of course, World Travel is not cheap so we don’t always get to pick where we want to live as much as maybe what country we want to travel in first. Either way, it’s fun to dream about living somewhere that you love. If you had unlimited money and time and could pick anywhere – if there weren’t any limitations – where would you chose? That is my question for today. Where in the World Would YOU LOVE To Live?

I know I have a lot of friends who are planning on World Travel in the future whether it be on a year long trip or even retirement in a foreign country. I spoke with a good friend who has retired in Cuenca, Ecuador and he is having the time of his life! Cuenca is beautiful and very inexpensive to live. There is also a great ex-pat community in Ecuador – especially in Cuenca. If you end up going there, see if you can get a special invite to a private house concert at Rick’s Cafe Americana.

So I ask again, but this time, where would you LOVE To Live? Any country in the World – And no limitations on budget or location. Pick your dream city!

Psst – I have a secret for you: You can live almost ANYWHERE in the world that you want – if you make it your priority …. More about that later. In the meantime, please leave a comment on where you were born, where you currently live – and where you would absolutely freaking love to live …. Cannot wait to see your choices!

For most of my life, I have chosen to live in San Diego California – which is known as America’s Finest City for many reasons. I love San Diego, but feel like I may be close to a new chapter – perhaps involving mountains and snow sports …

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