Happy Independence Day! Declare Independence from Host Gator

Declare Your Independence from HostgatorI’m Declaring Independence from HostGator

I just noticed that I have not posted on this site for well over a year.  Priorities – like being a Stay at Home Dad to the most awesome child actress Ava Kalea.  Yeah – important stuff – and super important to my design of an awesome lifestyle.

But I digress ….  Over the last week or so, I have received numerous notices from my website monitoring service that this site has not been loading …  What kind of crappy web host doesn’t load their client’s websites?  Hostgator.  Hostgator has proven to be one of the worst possible web hosts on the planet.  Earlier this year I moved most of my many websites to SiteGround for their award-winning webhosting.  Site Ground’s customer service is second to none and I’ve only had a positive experience with Site Ground web hosting.

If you still have a site, or sites (like me unfortunately) hosted by HostGator, I know you (and your website(s)) have been suffering.  I feel your pain.  I’ve had the same friggin stress and agony.  Let’s face it, if you have a website (and who doesn’t these days), you cannot afford to have it not loading due to your web hosting company. Just like this site.  I will be moving it to my Site Ground hosting account today and will no longer have to suffer with Hostgator’s inferior webhosting and horrible ‘customer service’.

Yes, after today, Awesome Lifestyle Design and AwesomeLifestyleDesign.com will be enjoying world-class webhosting and 100% uptime.  No more website not loading when our readers are looking to learn how to design their own most awesome lifestyle.

Whether you want to travel, become a philanthropist, a guru or a monk – no matter what your business is, you deserve a web host that is much, much better than Hostgator.  I used them in the past because they are cheap – but in the end, they cost me thousands and thousands of dollars.

On this most glorious Independence Day (at least here in the states), declare your independence from Hostgator.  My recommendation is SiteGroun webhosting – but you cannot do any worse than Hostgator – except for 1&1 which sucks even worse – just don’t get me started on them.


Publisher’s Note:  This is a test edit after I transferred all the files and pointed the servers to SiteGround

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