Paradise Here I Come!

Yes, it is true. I will be back in paradise in a couple of days. I’m so excited to finally be able to live in Hawaii – one of my favorite places in the entire world … I’ve been very lucky to visit the islands many, many times, but prior to this trip have never been able to stay longer that 3 or 4 weeks. This time I will get to find out if ‘Island Fever’ is a real thing ….

I’m especially excited to see Stacia Kennedy and our monkey baby Ava Kalea …. I haven’t been able to see them IRL for almost an entire month!

I’m also super stoked to get to do more work on my Haole Man project – our Ohana of web properties all under one web banner …

BTW – Haole Man is Looking to Buy a Live Aboard Boat on Oahu (at least to spend weekends on with the girls).

Where in the World Would You LOVE To Live?

Just a quick thought – or question. If you could live anywhere in the world that you want, where would it be? If and WHEN you design YOUR Awesome Lifestyle – exactly where would you want to leave?

Oh, the possibilities and choices are endless! Some people may choose a tropical island while others prefer the bustling city bustle of New York City. Of course, World Travel is not cheap so we don’t always get to pick where we want to live as much as maybe what country we want to travel in first. Either way, it’s fun to dream about living somewhere that you love. If you had unlimited money and time and could pick anywhere – if there weren’t any limitations – where would you chose? That is my question for today. Where in the World Would YOU LOVE To Live?

I know I have a lot of friends who are planning on World Travel in the future whether it be on a year long trip or even retirement in a foreign country. I spoke with a good friend who has retired in Cuenca, Ecuador and he is having the time of his life! Cuenca is beautiful and very inexpensive to live. There is also a great ex-pat community in Ecuador – especially in Cuenca. If you end up going there, see if you can get a special invite to a private house concert at Rick’s Cafe Americana.

So I ask again, but this time, where would you LOVE To Live? Any country in the World – And no limitations on budget or location. Pick your dream city!

Psst – I have a secret for you: You can live almost ANYWHERE in the world that you want – if you make it your priority …. More about that later. In the meantime, please leave a comment on where you were born, where you currently live – and where you would absolutely freaking love to live …. Cannot wait to see your choices!

For most of my life, I have chosen to live in San Diego California – which is known as America’s Finest City for many reasons. I love San Diego, but feel like I may be close to a new chapter – perhaps involving mountains and snow sports …

BTW – Have you seen my personal blog, Joe Connector at

Question of the Day: Will There Be a Ski Season 2020-2021?

The question of the day is: Will there be a ski season in 2020-2021? And if so, how will ski season 2020-21 be affected by the Coronavirus or Covid-19?

Actually these are the questions I’ve been asking every day lately. In the midst of the global plandemic / pandemic that everyone on the planet has been affected by, I personally need something to look forward to.

Last ski season I missed the entire season due to injuries from a car accident. EVERYONE missed the 2nd half of the 2019-2020 season due to the Chinese virus. One has to think that they will probably not even open any of the ski areas this year, due to all the fear related to the totally overblown (some even say PHONY) coronavirus.

My long time ski buddy up in Washington state is almost positive there won’t be a ski season – but I don’t really listen to him much any more any way, because he is a Trump hating Democrat that thinks he is going to vote for the vegetable named Joe Biden.

In reality, I probably should not be thinking about skiing at all, as I may not be physically up to it anyway … BUT – that doesn’t stop my from dreaming!

I’m seeing an extra long 2020-21 ski season, with lots of powder days and even more bluebird days all over the country – especially in California, Utah, Colorado, Washington and Idaho. But that brings me to my yearly quandry – should I buy the EPIC Pass or the ICON Pass? (They are both bigger and better for the coming season!)

EPIC or IKON? Which Ski Pass Should I Buy?

Epic Ski Pass 2018-19

With winter closing in across the US and lots of winter storms happening already early in the holiday season, I’m excited to get to ski and snowboard this winter.  Even though I’ve lived in San Diego for most of the last 35 years, I’ve never actually skied or boarded in California.  My on the snow experience has been limited to Washington State (Snoqualmie Summit, Stevens Pass and Mission Ridge), Oregon (Mount Bachelor, Mount Hood and Mount Ashland), Colorado (Beaver Creek and Vail) and British Columbia (Whistler Blackcomb – my all-time favorite ski resort so far).

Continue reading “EPIC or IKON? Which Ski Pass Should I Buy?”

Happy Independence Day! Declare Independence from Host Gator

Declare Your Independence from HostgatorI’m Declaring Independence from HostGator

I just noticed that I have not posted on this site for well over a year.  Priorities – like being a Stay at Home Dad to the most awesome child actress Ava Kalea.  Yeah – important stuff – and super important to my design of an awesome lifestyle.

But I digress ….  Over the last week or so, I have received numerous notices from my website monitoring service that this site has not been loading …  What kind of crappy web host doesn’t load their client’s websites?  Hostgator.  Hostgator has proven to be one of the worst possible web hosts on the planet.  Earlier this year I moved most of my many websites to SiteGround for their award-winning webhosting.  Site Ground’s customer service is second to none and I’ve only had a positive experience with Site Ground web hosting.

If you still have a site, or sites (like me unfortunately) hosted by HostGator, I know you (and your website(s)) have been suffering.  I feel your pain.  I’ve had the same friggin stress and agony.  Continue reading “Happy Independence Day! Declare Independence from Host Gator”

Lifestyle Designers: Fluent in Fun – The Serrano Seven

The Serrano Seven Fluent in FunThe Serrano family are definitely Lifestyle Designers.  This family of seven picked up everything (well, at least 24 bags of luggage) and moved to Cozumel Mexico from their home in Idaho. They took a leap of faith and left with one-way tickets and have been in Cozumel for almost a year now.

You can follow their adventures on their travel blog Fluent in Fun.  I’m hoping we can meet them at some point once we start traveling the world with Ava Kalea Kennedy.

10x Speed Sunset Del Mar California April 4 2016

Just love living on the edge of the world!  So much to do and so many sunsets to experience.  Here’s a 10x speed 2 minute 2 second video of an epic sunset in Del Mar California on April 4 2016.

If you want to see the full length real time version, check out

Video: Del Mar California Sunset April 4 2016 with Subliminal Messaging

One of the many benefits of living in San Diego is being close to the beach and being able to see some epic sunsets.  Here’s one from April 4, 2016 in Del Mar California (complete with subliminal messaging).  I will be posting a much shorter (and faster) version very soon.

What is MLSP? My Lead System Pro for Dummies

My wife recently joined an online program called MLSP or My Lead System Pro. I asked her to tell me about it and she started to describe the program. ‘You pay $150 a month and get access to all these great trainings that are going to help you get more leads for your business”. Continue reading “What is MLSP? My Lead System Pro for Dummies”